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  • COVID-19 in Southeast Asia

    Insights for a post-pandemic world

    Hyun Bang Shin, Murray Mckenzie, Do Young Oh (eds.)

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    COVID-19 has presented huge challenges to governments, businesses, civil societies, and people from all walks of life, but its impact has been highly variegated, affecting society in multiple negative ways, with uneven geographical and socioeconomic patterns. The crisis revealed existing contradictions and inequalities in society, compelling us to question what it means to return to “normal” and what insights can be gleaned from Southeast Asia for thinking about a post-pandemic world.

    In this regard, this edited volume collects the informed views of an ensemble of social scientists – area studies, development studies, and legal scholars; anthropologists, architects, economists, geographers, planners, sociologists, and urbanists; representing academic institutions, activist and charitable organisations, policy and research institutes, and areas of professional practice – who recognise the necessity of critical commentary and engaged scholarship.

    These contributions represent a wide-ranging set of views, collectively producing a compilation of reflections on the following three themes in particular: (1) Urbanisation, digital infrastructures, economies, and the environment; (2) Migrants, (im)mobilities, and borders; and (3) Collective action, communities, and mutual action.

    Overall, this edited volume first aims to speak from a situated position in relevant debates to challenge knowledge about the pandemic that has assigned selective and inequitable visibility to issues, people, or places, or which through its inferential or interpretive capacity has worked to set social expectations or assign validity to certain interventions with a bearing on the pandemic’s course and the future it has foretold. Second, it aims to advance or renew understandings of social challenges, risks, or inequities that were already in place, and which, without further or better action, are to be features of our “post-pandemic world” as well.

    This volume also contributes to the ongoing efforts to de-centre and decolonise knowledge production. It endeavours to help secure a place within these debates for a region that was among the first outside of East Asia to be forced to contend with COVID-19 in a substantial way and which has evinced a marked and instructive diversity and dynamism in its fortunes.

    Early praise for COVID-19 in Southeast Asia

    “The ongoing pandemic is not only having profound material impacts on and across regions; it is also giving rise to new ways of seeing pre-COVID-19 worlds and possible futures. This volume documents a wide variety of pandemic effects and experiences in ways that draw upon, and invigorate, critical social science. That this is achieved through work on Southeast Asia makes the volume particularly welcome and significant.”

    Professor Tim Bunnell, National University of Singapore

    “This important collection is the first regionally focused, yet universally relevant, set of essays to explain the geographical and social dimension – cause, effect, response – of the COVID-19 pandemic. Empirically grounded, yet theoretically generative, the superb and comprehensive COVID-19 in Southeast Asia is an indispensable resource and an encyclopedic snapshot of life during a global health emergency.”

    Professor Roger H. Keil, York University, Canada


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    Book Reviews (2):

      Review from 01 Aug 2023: Journal of Asian Studies
      COVID-19 in Southeast Asia: Insights for a Post-pandemic World

      Sara E. Davies

      "This is the impression this edited collection has made on me after having read the twenty-six chapters by forty social scientists: representation matters, and insight can only come from making sure there are avenues available to include diverse research."

      Review from 24 Oct 2022: Journal of Southeast Asian Studies
      COVID-19 in Southeast Asia: Insights for a post-pandemic world Edited by Hyun Bang Shin, Murray Mckenzie and Do Young Oh London: LSE Press, 2022. Pp. 318. Maps, Plates, Notes, Bibliography, Index.

      Ling Xi Min

      "...an excellent foundation for thinking about the pandemic's effects on the complex, interconnected societies of Southeast Asia that should be of broad interest beyond the contributors’ already wide disciplinary affiliations..."

      The full review cannot be displayed due to copyright restrictions. You can read the full review at Journal of Southeast Asian Studies


    How to cite this book
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    Shin, H.B., Mckenzie, M. and Oh, D.Y., 2022. COVID-19 in Southeast Asia: Insights for a post-pandemic world. London: LSE Press. DOI: https://doi.org/10.31389/lsepress.cov
    Shin, H B, et al.. COVID-19 in Southeast Asia: Insights for a Post-pandemic World. LSE Press, 2022. DOI: https://doi.org/10.31389/lsepress.cov
    Shin, H. B., Mckenzie, M., & Oh, D. Y. (2022). COVID-19 in Southeast Asia: Insights for a post-pandemic world. London: LSE Press. DOI: https://doi.org/10.31389/lsepress.cov
    Shin, Hyun Bang, Murray Mckenzie, and Do Young Oh. 2022. COVID-19 in Southeast Asia: Insights for a Post-pandemic World. London: LSE Press. DOI: https://doi.org/10.31389/lsepress.cov

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    Published on Jan. 6, 2022





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