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  • Chapter 6.5: Northern Ireland: devolved government and politics

    Alan Whysall

    Chapter from the book: Dunleavy, P et al. 2018. The UK's Changing Democracy: The 2018 Democratic Audit.

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    Devolved government in Northern Ireland centres around unique institutions, a powersharing Executive with ministers chosen on a proportional basis, answering to an Assembly elected using PR. It was designed to overcome the inter-communal strife that has characterised Northern Ireland public life: the challenges it has faced have been particularly acute, and its record has, inevitably, been mixed. At the time of writing it is in abeyance for want of political agreement, which may not be found – at least in the short term. At present, there is no political control at all over the Northern Ireland administration. Alan Whysall and the Democratic Audit team explore how democratically and effectively the institutions of government have performed in Northern Ireland.

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    Whysall, A. 2018. Chapter 6.5: Northern Ireland: devolved government and politics. In: Dunleavy, P et al (eds.), The UK's Changing Democracy. London: LSE Press. DOI: https://doi.org/10.31389/book1.x

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    Published on Nov. 1, 2018