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    LSE was founded with the purpose of understanding the causes of things and for the betterment of society. Today, LSE is a world-leading social science research institution with global impact, where scholarly values are upheld and societal issues are publicly debated from a diversity of viewpoints. Open Access publishing – making important scholarly work accessible to everyone – therefore accords with LSE’s role as the global convenor of influential debates on these critical issues.

    Launched in May 2018, LSE Press supports the promotion of high quality social science research and enables wide public access through the use of open, digital publication methods. We publish books and journals and encourage and facilitate innovative and experimental publications. As the LSE Press is established our focus is on publishing the research of LSE authors.

    The LSE Research Committee acts as the editorial board for the LSE Press and publication proposals will be reviewed by members of the Committee.All proposals are subject to rigorous, subject specific peer-review prior to publication.

    Student work is published through our Houghton St Press imprint, both as part of taught programmes and as discrete student-led publication enterprises.

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