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    LSE Press provides a platform for high quality, open access research in the social sciences. In line with the School’s aim to lead in innovative, international, interdisciplinary and issue-oriented social science, we will support the launch and development of academic-led publications that are innovative in terms of format, content and reach.

    Guiding principles of LSE Press


    Advisory board

    The day to day running of the Press is managed by Library staff providing support for setting up journals and the publishing process. However we have a board of advisors to provide guidance and expertise on the future direction of the Press, and ensure Press activities respect the guiding principles outlined above. The board is represented by members of the research community from across and outside LSE and will act as ambassadors for the Press within their department and disciplines.

    Professor Julia Black
    Pro-Director for Research and Professor of Law, Department of Law, LSE

    Professor Charles Stafford
    Professor of Anthropology, Department of Anthropology, LSE

    Professor Patrick Dunleavy
    Professor of Political Science and Public Policy, Department of Government, LSE

    Professor Sonia Livingstone
    Professor of Social Psychology, Department of Media and Communications, LSE

    Nicola Wright
    Director of LSE Library, LSE

    David Coombe
    Director of the Research Division, LSE

    Adrian Thomas
    Director of Communications, LSE

    Neil McLean
    Director of the Academic & Professional Development Division, LSE

    Jane Tinkler
    Senior Prize Manager, Nine Dots Prize

    Graham Stone
    Senior research manager, Jisc

    Andrew Lockett
    Press Manager, University of Westminster Press